Australia's purest water

Phil Mann – Managing Director

Phil purchased Noble Beverages in December 2004 and has been active as the full time Managing Director of the business since June 2007, along with its parent Company Australian Beverage Holdings. Phil drives the Company’s strategy, operations and finance divisions while ensuring the Company delivers on its promises to customers. Phil is unwavering in his commitment to see Noble Beverages drive genuine and sustainable change in the beverage industry in Australia, while helping people achieve better health.

Rob Harris – Finance Director and Company Secretary

Rob joined Noble Beverages from the UK where he has over 9 years experience working in a variety of fast growing SMEs in niche market sectors. A Chartered Accountant, Rob spent nine years with PricewaterhouseCoopers London. Working closely with his colleagues, Rob is responsible for delivering the financial strategy of the ABH Group and Noble Beverages and on a day to day basis Rob heads up Noble Beverage’s finance and procurement teams. Quite unsurprisingly, Rob much prefers living in sunny Sydney to wet London.

Richard Carlick – GM & Financial Controller

Richard joined Noble Beverages in 2010 bringing with him a wealth of commercial experience after 7 years at CSR Sugar in FMCG manufacturing, financial and commercial  management in both Sydney and Melbourne. Richard is responsible for the day to day running of the finance and administration functions of the business, providing oversight and stewardship of the business’s commercial and statutory obligations. Richard can be contacted on: 0413 731 367.

Jeremy Wheeler – Operations Manager

Jeremy joined Noble Beverages in August 2018 and is a supply chain veteran with over 30 years of experience in the FMCG business. Transitioning from product development through to Operations and logistics management. As Operations Manager Jeremy is responsible for the overall supply chain process, from inwards raw and packaging materials to finished product distribution. Ensuring that the Pureau product is produced safely and to the highest quality standards, which continues to meet or better the expectation of our consumers.

Urszula Kozlowska – Production Manager

Urszula joined Noble Beverages in September 2018 as Production Manager. A highly skilled production professional that has considerable experience in developing and implementing effective processes in the manufacturing environment in FMCG area and possessing a strong understanding and experience of the essentials of safety and quality.

Florencia Bundalian – Quality Assurance & Control

Florencia joined Noble Beverages in November 2018 as a Food Quality Technician. A Food Science professional, who has worked for more than 25 years in Australia, New Zealand and The Netherlands and possess extensive experience and knowledge in specialty, functional, nutritional, and nutraceutical products and ingredients in several technical disciplines. Her main responsibility at Noble Beverage is to assure quality and HACCP implementation and compliance.

Sarath Warnakula

Sarath is Noble Beverage’s longest serving team member, joining the company as a process worker in 1989. In 1997 Sarath was promoted to Supervisor and in 2005 he was promoted to Warehouse Manager. He has seen the growth of the Pureau brand over the years and is dedicated to ensuring the quality and purity of Pureau is maintained 100% of the time. Sarath commences work at 5am to sterilise and set up the machines so they are ready to run by 8am when the factory commences operations. He is also responsible for ensuring all workers are at their stations, trucks are loaded and the daily paperwork for production and pick-ups is filled out. He can be contacted on 02 9833 9866.

Orhan Hincal

Orhan joined Noble Beverages in 1999 as a process worker and became Production Foreman in 2005. Orhan’s varied role includes ensuring work place safety is adhered to and maintenance standards are upheld. He also conducts daily testing of the water for a variety of factors including PH levels, hardness and conductivity. Orhan works closely with Sarath to ensure the strict quality control standards of Noble Beverage’s operation are met and surpassed at all times. He can be contacted on 02 9833 9866.

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