Australia's purest water


Posted 27/03/13 by kooka. Comments Off on Anne

For the past 17 weeks I have been seriously ill and been in hospital 3 times. I have been unable to sleep due to violent coughing when I lay down. A serious lung infection and many other breakdowns in my body has caused my severe throat problems, asthma, sinus infections. It’s been hell but we are getting on top of it all. I just want to let u know that during this time I have only drank Pureau water, to keep bacteria from my system plus to keep congestion thinner so it is easier for the body to expel. I was on tank water but I was worried about bacteria etc still affecting my health. We bought Pureau and honestly, the benefits are so good. You do have to drink it constantly but the improvement in my health has been quicker and I can feel the healthy benefits during my recovery. Just want to say thank you for such a wonderful product. It will always be in my kitchen. Regards.

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