Australia's purest water


Posted 21/06/14 by kooka. Comments Off on Suzie

Hey there, I just wanted to say how much I LOVE your water. I moved to the city 3 years ago, and after spending all my life until that point drinking rainwater, I could not handle the horrible, over chlorinated filth that comes out of the taps here. It dried out my hair and made it frizzy, made my skin dry and itchy, and worst of all it made me feel physically sick to drink. I tried many other brands of water before finding Pureau. Pureau is the ONLY water that gives me the same satisfaction as water straight from the sky itself. The only problem is that other people are catching on! So now your water will often be the only one that’s being sold, while the rest of the brands sit on the shelf and literally gather dust.

So I would just like to say thank you, for giving me an option other than dehydration or nausea, and for staying true to your product. You guys do an amazing job providing a healthy option water and allowing me to avoid the horrors of our public water system. I will certainly be buying more products from you in the future.

Thank you again!

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