Australia's purest water

It is generally recommended that people drink at least eight glasses of water a day, or around 2 litres. This keeps the body fully hydrated which in turn helps improve cognitive facilities while maintaining good general health (see the Benefits of hydration page for more information). Drinking Noble’s Pureau will ensure that you are having the best-tasting and purest water available to meet your body’s hydration requirements.

But Pureau can be used for more than just drinking water. Many people use Pureau for making their coffee and tea. Because of its purity, scaling does not build up in kettles or espresso machines. Additionally, Pureau can be used in cooking (boiling pasta, steaming vegetables, adding to risottos or baking bread) and in ice-cubes or as a mixer to alcoholic drinks (which will ensure that the purity of the spirits are not compromised by impurities in the water used). Pureau is also excellent to drink between courses of wine as a palate cleanser (once again, the lack of a mineral or chlorinated taste will not interfere with the wine’s palate).

Because of its lack of chlorine, bacteria and other inorganic minerals many mothers use Pureau in infant formula and juices (however, we do always recommend boiling the water before feeding infants as this is considered general best practise by health practitioners). Pureau is also excellent for mothers to drink while they are breastfeeding or pregnant as this is an important time to not only increase water intake, but also ensure the drinking water is as pure as possible.