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Noble Beverages is proud to confirm that none of the plastics we use in our cask bladders or PET bottles contain Bisphenol A. Noble’s Pureau packaging is 100% safe and 100% BPA-free.

Bisphenol A is a chemical that is commonly used in hard plastics (like those used in big 15 litre water cooler containers) and drinking bottles.

Why is BPA so dangerous? According to Environmental Defence, “Bisphenol A is a hormone disruptor. Studies have linked low-dose BPA exposure with such effects as: permanent changes to genital tract; increase prostate weight; decline in testosterone; breast cells predisposed to cancer; prostate cells more sensitive to hormones and cancer; and hyperactivity.”

If you are worried about drinking Bisphenol A, we recommend that you abstain from drinking water from any large hard plastic water containers like those on office or home water coolers. Also make sure that any hard portable plastic drink bottles do not contain BPA (most do). Try also to cut down on canned food as the lining of most cans contain Bisphenol A too.

You can be rest assured that Noble’s Pureau is 100% free of Bisphenol A. We only use safe packaging for our water that is also better for the environment than plastic bottles. More information on the chemical is available here: