Australia's purest water

Noble Beverages has been providing Pureau to Australian households since 1987, four years after the company was founded in Sydney. The launch of Pureau was preceded by an exhaustive research and development process that resulted in one of Australia’s most sophisticated water filtration systems and the birth of the Pureau brand.

In 1998 Noble’s Pureau gained national recognition during the cryptosporidium contamination scare in Sydney, when it was recommended as one of the only safe packaged waters to drink in the Sydney metropolitan area. The crypto scare resulted in many Australians becoming interested in the benefits of truly pure water, and Pureau began to be distributed in all major supermarkets.

In December 2004, Noble Beverages was bought by Australian Beverage Holdings, an Australian-owned company whose aim is to enhance the quality of Australian life by producing and distributing healthful beverages.

As Noble Beverages continues to grow, we will remain focused on our company’s core purpose: to help people take control of what’s in the water they drink and by doing so, helping people achieve better health.