Australia's purest water
Q: What is purified water?

Q: Is purified water bad for you?

Q: Does your packaging contain Bisphenol A?

Q: Is Pureau distilled water?

Q: Why does Pureau have such a distinctive taste?

Q: Aren’t home water-filters just as good?

Q: How do you guarantee the water’s purity?

Q: What makes Pureau purified water different?

Q: Is Pureau suitable for infants?

Q: Why do you use casks as packaging?

Q: Why does Pureau sometimes taste different out of your bottles or casks?

Q: Why can’t I find your full range of products in some supermarkets?

Q: Do you home deliver?

Q: Is Pureau an Australian company?

Q: Is Pureau recycled water?

Q: Is Pureau created by using only reverse osmosis?

Q: Does Pureau contain chlorine or fluoride?

Q: Shouldn’t I have fluoride in my water?

Q: What is sodium?

Q: What is the pH value of Pureau?

Q: What is ozonation?

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Q: Is it safe to use Pureau in my aquarium or fish tank?