Australia's purest water

Noble Beverages uses a proprietary three-stage filtration method for its water called the “Pureau Process”. Absolutely no treatment chemicals are used during the process, nor is ozonation, chlorine or UV. It’s also important to note that Pureau is not distilled water – distillation is not part of the Pureau Process.

The first stage consists of various filters which remove chlorides, metals, sodium, fluoride and inorganic minerals like nitrates. These filters include various types of carbon and other media we have developed over the years to purify and soften the water for the great taste that is unique to Pureau.

In the second stage, the water undergoes reverse osmosis. At a high-pressure, the water is forced through membranes which once again remove any remaining water contaminants down to micron levels.

The third stage consists of biological filters, which can remove substances down to 0.2 microns. As the reverse osmosis is so incredibly effective, these filters are used primarily as a security measure to ensure the water is 100% pure.

In addition to the filtration process, all piping is food-grade stainless steel. This piping is steam sterilised every morning for 45 minutes prior to production commencing.

To ensure the purity of our water, samples of Pureau are sent daily to ALS Laboratories for testing. ALS is an independent government accredited laboratory and they provide us with a full biological report confirming the absence of impurities prior to the products leaving our facility.

The end result of the Pureau process is water that’s 100 times more pure than the purity requirements of the World Health Organisation and the Australian National Food Authority Standards. Because of Pureau’s purity, we are the only supplier of survival drinking water to the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) via their Aircraft Life Support Equipment Division.